Intro to Wellness: Celestine

January 07, 2019

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At first glance, Celestine's dreamy sky blue colors will instantly have you feeling at peace. 

It is said to symbolize harmony, calmness, hope, and happiness. Let this soothing stone help you create a relaxing environment.  

What is Celestine?

Celestine is typically found in Madagascar and in form of geodes. In its raw state, the crystal will typically be covered in points, large or small. 

It is categorized as a Sulfate mineral and is made up of strontium sulfate (SrSO4). It has a low hardness number, so it is considered quite soft and delicate. Water is not this crystals friend. 

How Would Celestine Benefit Me?

Celestine's energies focus on making your energy field feel zen AF. It lends its essence to reduce worry, fear, and anxiety. By blocking out the negative chatter, you'll be able to feel more grounded and balanced.  

Also great to use it to cool you down after heated discussions or when you are feeling depressed! Hold on to it, take some deep breaths, and remind yourself that these feelings are temporary. You have the power to bring joy and calmness back into your life. 

How Do I Use Celestine?

Celestine is a great stone to use before, during, or after work! Sit with it before work to get yourself centered and focused. Use it during work when you're starting to get stressed out or are looking for more patience. Use it after work to wind down and release the work day. 

Celestine is also a great stone to use to tap into your third eye and crown chakras. Let it help you deepen your connection to your intuition. Doing so can be helpful when looking for clarity on unresolved issues. 

Think of the "Intro to Wellness" blog series as a beginner’s guide to wellness and holistic ideas. We’ll be teaching you things like… how to use crystals to your benefit, how to cleanse a person with sage, how to build a crystal grid, how to use self-care tools to decrease stress, etc. This series is all about helping wellness newbies become wellness pros!

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