Intro to Wellness: Aragonite

October 20, 2017

Learn More about Aragonite and its meanings

What is it?

Even though Aragonite is sometimes a hard find when looking for a new crystal, it is actually the second most common naturally occurring crystal following Calcite. It’s cool stalactite shape is actually due to it being found near marine and freshwaters. The precipitation creates its flower-like look.

Aragonite comes in many shapes and color depending on the region it’s from. Our Aragonite pieces are from Morocco.

How does it benefit me?

This peach brown cluster is known as the “Environmentalist Stone”. It’s a grounding stone that helps you feel more rooted to the earth spiritually and physically. It encourages presence and awareness of your surroundings. This stone helps to quiet a stressed mind and focus. 

Because it is deeply connected with the root chakra, Aragonite will help you feel balanced and help get your other chakras into shape!

How do I use it?

Aragonite is a great stone to have in your bedroom or any indoor room that may have a lot of plants. It’s a great stone to mediate with since it is deeply connected to the root chakra.

So if you are ever feeling like you are losing control over a situation or just life in general, take moment with your stone in your hand and breath in and out slowly to get back to a place of feeling control.


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