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Citrine Crystal Goddess Soap by Sparkle Rock Pop

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Make your shower a bit more mindful with our handmade citrine crystal soap!

This cleansing body soap is made with vegetable-based glycerin and infused with our signature natural essential oil blend, “Be a Goddess.”

Our soap colors vary, but every soap contains a citrine crystal! Which means you’ll be washing & bathing with crystal energy!

The combination of citrine’s cheerful energy and our aromatic blend will have your skin will feel smooth and energized throughout the day!

Perfect gift for a student, #girlboss or yourself!

Crystal Soap Details:

  • Produces a gentle lather. Suitable for all skin types.
  • Each soap is individually handmade so each piece will take on its own individual color characteristics
  • Each soap contains a Citrine crystal
  • Handmade by us in Silver Lake, CA <3
  • Ingredients: Lavender Essential Oil, Grapefruit Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Jojoba Essential Oil, Glycerin (vegetable-based)

More about Citrine:

Citrine can stir up cheerful and successful energies, so it is a great stone for new beginnings and is often used during meditation to help find a proper course of action in life. It can also be used to assist with calmness and releasing fear which are two important aspects to address if you're trying to make time to get creative and enjoy new experiences. Citrine is also known as the stone of abundance and attracts wealth and good luck.