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Goddess Gift Set

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Calling all goddesses! Our Goddess Bundle is perfect for a friend or yourself. 

Our bundle includes:

  • Citrine Crystal Soap - Wash & bathe with crystal energy! Our handmade citrine crystal soap is made with our signature "Be a Goddess" essential oil blend. 
  • Be a Goddess Spray - Made of 100% all-natural essential oils, this spray is ideal for personal spaces —Use this spray at home, school & work. It's subtle yet power scent is perfect to spray to help you feel stronger and more confident!
  • Palo Santo Stick - Just light one end of the stick and allow it to burn for 30 seconds. The stick will often extinguish itself, but if it doesn’t, just blow it out. As the smoke and the soothing scent fills the air, say “Hello!” to positivity and good vibes. 
  • Carnelian - Carnelian promotes positivity, self-empowerment, and embracing life, so use it to give you the courage to try new experiences and put yourself out there. It's also a great stone for anyone on a self-care journey as it is said to help with discovering hidden talents and awakening curiosity in those who carry it with them. 
  • Crystal Stone Set of Choice
    • Self Love & Happiness Stone Set- The perfect place to search for love is within. Our Self Love and Happiness Stone Set offers acceptance, grounded-ness, love, and wisdom to anyone looking for it. Crystal set includes Mangano CalcitePeacock OreClear QuartzBloodstone, and Green Jasper.