Smoke Fountains

Smoke Fountains - Red, Blue, Green, & Yellow (4 Pack)

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Want to add a unique smoky effect and haze to your photography sessions, portraits, parties, events, or social media game? Check out these long-lasting smoke fountains!

Each pack comes with 4 fountains (one of each - blue, green, yellow, and red)Each piece lets out smoke for ~50-60 seconds!

Our smoke fountains are used to create a safe, yet fun special effect for film and photography. They are often used for gender reveals, engagement photos, weddings, the ultimate selfie on Instagram, sports teams, fundraisers, or parties. Smoke bombs make it relatively easy to turn an ordinary photo or video shoot into something extraordinary.  

You can place them on the ground around you as the smoke billows out, run around with them to engulf the area in color, or have an extra pair of hands on deck to fan down the smoke to guide it to maximize the vibrant and colorful smoke!

Looking for additional tips? Check out our blog to get the 101!

Words of Wisdom - don’t use them when it’s windy (it’s a waste - trust) and don’t use them in a super dry area (no fires, please).

***Important*** - We can only ship smoke fountains within the continental US.  This means we cannot ship to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, or any international markets.