Pinolith Palm Stone

Prepared to get mesmerized! Pinolith (also known as Pinolite) a mixture of dolomite, graphite, and magnesite and is exclusively mined in Austria, so it's pretty dang rare.

It's unique combination give the crystal a really cool floral-like design that you won't be able to take your eyes off of. 

Crystal break down - 

  • Dolomite brings out the confidence vibes
  • Graphite is a conductor of energy and good for grounding and visualization
  • Magnesite aligns and activates the crown chakra

With these 3 energies combined, you'll get a sense of calmness and ability to have a bird's eye view of situations so you can deal with a sticky situation with grace and chillness. 

dimensions - ~2” length x 1.25” width x .5” height 

Fun Fact about Crystal Palm Stone Shapes! When it comes to crystals, the shape determines what type/feeling of energy is emitted, on top of what those specific properties that crystal has. Crystals that are in the shape of a palm stone are often known to enhance grounding and reduce stress.

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