$50 & Under

Titanium Smoky Quartz

How can you resist this metallic, perfect, shimmery thing!? I mean, wow! This magical smoky quartz crystal has been partially coated with titanium which means it's not only beautiful to look at, but this gem now gives you double the power!

On its own, Smoky Quartz is one of our favorite grounding stones because it cleanses energy and then repels negativity trying to get in. So say “Goodbye!” to bad moods!

But that’s not all, when Quartz is combined with Titanium you get enhanced confidence…  laughter…  strength… and energy! #winning  

Metaphysical properties:
- brings calm, centering, patience, lifts depression, removes negative energies and brings happiness
- the main benefits of titanium are strength and endurance
- smoky quartz is known as the stone of power // it's main benefits involve grounding and cleansing