Blue Agate Candle Holder

When combined with the light from a candle, this Agate crystal candle shows a bright center that truly gives it an "Eyes of The Earth" feel.

This agate geode has been sliced, polished, and has been safely drilled into to create a smooth holding spot for tealight or votive candles. The base also has a felt lining to protect your furniture.

This agate holder can also work as a super cute succulent holder. It will look like a tree is coming through the different layers of the earth!

dimensions: ~5” length x 3” height x 3” deep // weight: 2.2 LB

** Holds tea-light sized candles

Agate Metaphysical Properties:

  • energies focus on strengthening the body and mind
  • works to impart a sense of strength and courage
  • also said to enhance creativity and stimulate the intellect

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