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Chevron Amethyst (raw, natural stone)

How cool does Chevron Amethyst look?! This naturally striped stone is mesmerizing to look at and each one is unique and special. 

Great for mediation, crystal grids, and more, Chevron Amethyst is said to assist with healing compulsive behaviors and addictions while also bring energies of stability, peace, calm, balance and courage.  

This stone is also great to have around popular places in your home and is often used during meditation because it stimulates your crown chakra.

**Please keep in mind that these stones will have variations in color, shape and pattern. We cannot guarantee any specifications as each stone is different. These points vary slightly in size, but average between 2.5/3" x 1"

Metaphysical properties:

  • symbolizes wisdom, deep love, & peace of mind
  • balances emotional highs and lows // used to calm anxiety
  • amplifies creative vibes  

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