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Goldstone Palm Stones

Dang does this thing sparkle and shine! Once you see it, you just have to touch it or pick it up! Goldstone typically comes in a reddish brown color with coppery flecks but we have midnight blue option as well.

Goldstone can be used as an energy generator, yet also as an energy reflector which is why we love it in the form of a palm stone. Hold it and focus on the exact energy you want around you.

Metaphysical properties:
- Stone of ambition // can provide assistance in attaining goals
- it can revitalizes your energy & also deflect unwanted energy
- Helps to build confidence, courage, & a positive attitude

*each palm stone is ~2 1/2 inches long 

Fun Fact about Crystal Palm Stone Shapes! When it comes to crystals, the shape determines what type/feeling of energy is emitted, on top of what those specific properties that crystal has. Crystals that are in the shape of a palm stone are often known to enhance grounding and reduce stress.

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