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Selenite Candle Holder

Selenite is a must-have for any crystal lover’s collection! In fact, I know we each have a few pieces of Selenite in our own collections!  

Not only is it gorgeous in its white, transparent glow but this crystal really can do wonders in the energy department. It’s great for clearing and purifying auras and environments!

This raw Selenite candle holder will radiate when you add a lit tea light-sized candle to it!

*our selenite candle holders weigh over 1 pound, will hold a tea light sized candle, stands ~3 inches tall and is ~3 inches in total diameter. 

Metaphysical properties:
- symbolizes peace, purity, love, and higher consciousness
- used for good luck and protection
- provides for clarity of the mind // helps expands self-awareness 

Want to learn more about Selenite? Check out our Wellness Wannabe blog about it here!

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