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Sparkle Rock Pop Starter Kit

New to crystals, wellness, and herbs? This is the perfect introduction to a new outlook on the energy you keep and also the energy around you. The Sparkle Rock Pop Starter Kit will give you everything you need to begin your inner wellness journey!

  •  Amethyst Cluster - helps with balancing emotions and provides protection from overindulging
  • Zen AF Stone Set - hold them tight when your feeling on edge, this collection of rocks will assist you with adding more balance and zen 
  • Sage Bundle - traditionally used by Shamans to cleanse, protect, and heal through its smoke
  • Selenite Stick - great for clearing your mind and purifying auras
  • Palo Santo - burn this stick and you'll bring the positive vibes your way (more info here)
Want to see this starter kit unboxed? Check it out here!

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