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Thinking of You Gift Set / Bundle

Everyone can use a bit of positive energy sometimes!

Let someone know you're thinking of their mind, body, & soul with this thoughtful collection of goodies. 

  • Crystal Candle - inside these candle you will find a hidden crystal as the candle burns (burns for 25 hours)

  • Chakra Stone Set - The human body has seven main energy centers called chakras which are located along the spine (starting at the base (aka the Root Chakra) and running upwards to the crown of the head (aka the Crown Chakra)). This collection of stones resonates with those energy centers. They can be useful in bringing balance & focus to the mind, body, & spirit

  • Selenite Stick - great for clearing and purifying auras & environments

  • Palo Santo Stick - attracts positive vibes and provides energetic protection

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