Tourmaline Properties & Meaning

June 02, 2017

Learn More about Black Tourmaline

Introduction to Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone and gemstone that comes in a wide variety of colors with differing properties. Colors range from pink, green, red, to opaque black. It is primarily mined in Africa and Brazil, with a few other countries having smaller deposits. 

Black Tourmaline is pyroelectric, meaning it generates electricity when heated. It is also piezoelectric, meaning it stores an electrical charge.

Pink Tourmaline is on the other end of the spectrum, where it has almost no magnetic or electric capabilities.

Tourmaline is associated with Libra and Capricorn. 

Pink tourmaline in quartz Black Tourmaline tumble stone

Tourmaline Meaning

Tourmaline has been used for centuries by various cultures, which valued its healing and protective properties. It brings balance to mental energies helping you to eliminate negative behaviors. It can be a shield against negative spiritual attacks or general negative energy in your environment.

Black Tourmaline helps you in many different ways. It brings in negative ions that promote clear thinking and lightheartedness. It is also the most powerful of protective stones.

Pink Tourmaline is a heart chakra cleanser and brings vibes of balance, feminine (yin) energy, and happiness.

Tourmaline Properties

Because of its powerful properties, Black Tourmaline is a top-rated stone to keep on your person or close by. It's a great stone to have in your home and even the car because of its protective properties.

To clear energy, place your black Tourmaline in the sun or near selenite.

When you're looking for some extra love, close your eyes and hold Pink Tourmaline close to your heart. Take a few breaths and focus on your breathing. With each breath, relax a bit more than you did the last breath. Think about bringing joy and happiness into your life. Picture what that looks like and feel that energy. Be the energy you want to attract. Slowly start to focus on your breathing again. Smile and open your eyes <3  

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