Q: Where do you ship from?

A: I ship from sunny Los Angeles, CA 🌴


Q: How quickly do you ship orders?

A: I generally fulfill and ship out orders in 48 hours or less. If your order is placed Friday PM or throughout the weekend, your order will be shipped out on Monday.


Q: I needed this product, like yesterday…

A: I got you! We have a variety of shipping options available at checkout including Priority Express and Fedex Express!


Q: Will I get a tracking number?

A: Yes! You’ll get an email notification once I have processed your order.


Q: How do I use a discount code?

A: During checkout! At the payment section there will be an opportunity for you to put in your special discount code :)


Q: How do I clean my crystal?

A: Here are 4 different ways you can cleanse your crystal and welcome it to its new home:

  1. Ocean Salt - Осеаn ѕаlt аnd wаtеr are a safe аррrоасh tо free your ѕtоnе of any undesirable or unsafe energies. As long as your stone isn't fragile and porous, utilizing осеаn salt wоn't hurt the stone. Yоu саn also іnсludе dried ѕаgе, bаѕіl оr lаvеndеr tо the water tо іmрrоvе the purifying еffесt.
  2. Running Water - Hоld your crystal undеr runnіng water. Aѕ уоu hold it under the water stream, request that the unіvеrѕе еvасuаtе all реѕѕіmіѕm and unwanted energy. We like to envision a beam оf white light аrоund the ѕtоnе while cleaning it to fill іt wіth good energy.
  3. Selenite - Place a piece of selenite near your new crystal to clear any energy. Selenite is a really great cleansing tool to have on hand because it is self-clearing. It's one of the most low maintenance crystals you can own!
  4. Smudge it! - Just as sage can clear energy from your home or from a person, it can clear energy from your crystals as well. Swirl some sage around your new crystal and reflect on what drew you to your new stone. Set your intentions and recall why you thought this stone would be a good addition to your collection; give it purpose.

Remember that cleansing your crystals is something you should do from time to time... not just when it's new. Take care of your crystals and they will take care of you! Learn more about crystals and ways to incorporate wellness into your life in our Intro to Wellness blog series.


Q: I have a personal question.

A: I'm here for you. Email me directly at hello@sparklerockpop.com and I will get back to you.