Intro to Wellness: How Do I Use Crystals?

October 12, 2017

How to Use Crystals

One of our most frequently asked questions would have to be... How Do I Use Crystals? Luckily for you, we're experts in this field :) 

Crystals have energies (and magic!) that come directly from the earth. You can use crystals as generators or tools that help you remind yourself about something you've been wanting or working on. 

We should mention that crystals won't cure your life, but they can help serve as reminders and symbols to help us make our lives better.

Here are our top recommendations for ways to use crystal in your life! It's time to start vibing it up! 

Set an Intention

If you get a crystal, give it an intention or meaning. Program it to remind yourself about something you've been wanting or working on (ex. Eat healthier, deepen self-love, amplify creative vibes, chill out, protect against negative vibes). Then - find it a happy home. This could be somewhere like your work desk, bedside, dresser, closet, under the couch, etc. I like to place it somewhere that I pass by frequently or where I want that specific intention to go down. For example, I have a pyrite and citrine crystal on my work desk because I want to work hard towards making my businesses a success. Their placement helps me keep my eye on the prize. I also have rose quartz near my bedside and selenite + amethyst pieces in my apt's most popular place, the living room, because they balance and refresh the energy that comes in and out of my place! 

When you catch a glimpse of it, remind yourself of what you've been trying to work on. 

Hold it to Your Heart

When you want to amplify your intention - hold it close to your heart or place in front of you when you meditate. 

Cleanse it

Many times when we receive or bring home a new crystal, we often forget that our new crystal has been through A LOT. It most likely has traveled a long distance, been handled by many people, and has picked up energies, good and bad.

Bringing home a new crystal is like bringing home a new puppy. You wouldn't just set down a new pet and let it figure itself out; you train it and take care of it.  Crystals саn hеlр уоu іn in many ways (love, creating wealth, wіріng оut nеrvоuѕnеѕѕ, boosting creativity & more!) however, уоu need tо guіdе & nurture them towards your goals.

The first step to any new crystal is to cleanse it (bath time!). Check out THIS LIST for four ways you can cleanse your crystal and welcome it to its new home. 

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