Selenite Properties & Meaning

December 22, 2016

How to Use Selenite

Introduction to Selenite

The name Selenite derives from the Greek moon goddess, Selene, which means "moonlike glow."

Crystals can be colorless, white, gray, green, or golden brown, but it is most commonly found in its white form. It is also considered to be a "softer" rock than most other crystals (like amethyst & quartz). It can be found in a variety of different sizes and shapes. 

The crystal itself combines synergistically very well with almost any other crystal or any combination of stones. It is known to blend and amplify whatever energies you wish to work with or expand on. We think Selenite is must-have for any crystal collection.

Selenite is a birthstone for Taurus. Those born under this sign are stable, reliable, patient people. Selenite complements these traits and extends stability to those around them.

Selenite tower on black background

Selenite Meaning

Selenite can be used to dispel negativity, both on an emotional and an etheric level. This makes it an excellent stone for protection and healing.

It is known to create a protective grid (aka aura) around you, so placing a large piece or a few smaller pieces around your home will promote a peaceful atmosphere.

Selenite is also a stone of clarity. This clarity enhances mental flexibility and enables strong decision-making abilities. 

Selenite brick

Selenite Properties

You can use Selenite in many different ways. To cleanse your aura and space, you can use Selenite as you would sage. Comb the crystal up and down your body while focusing on an intention, and visualize it sucking all of the negative energy out! Think of it as a quick and easy way to get rid of the bad vibes!

Another way to maximize its use, place it around your other crystals. It will clear any negative energy and charge them up to their fullest power.


We have a couple of different selenite pieces to choose from. This crystal makes a perfect gift for yourself, wellness newbies, or loved ones <3


Think of our "Intro to Wellness" blog series as a beginner’s guide to wellness and holistic ideas. We’ll be teaching you things like… how to use crystals to your benefit, how to cleanse a person with sage, how to build a crystal grid, how to use self care tools to decrease stress, etc. This series is all about helping wellness wannabes become wellness pros!

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