Intro to Wellness: How to Remove Negative Energy From Your Home Using Sage (video)

June 10, 2017

How to Remove Negative Energy From Your Home Using Sage

Negative energy, negative vibes...they happen. And when negative energy does happen, what's the first thing most wellness-y people will recommend? Try using sage to get rid of your negative energy!

Want to clear the vibes in your home? Sage. Feel like your in a funk? Sage. About to start a new job? Sage. Move into a new place? Sage. About to meditate? Sage. You get the drift.

Sage has traditionally been used to cleanse, protect, and heal - whether it is a place or person. The term "smudging" came from Native American and other indigenous cultures as a way to refer to their purification rituals where they would dry the sage, tie it into a bundle, light it, and then use the smoke to engulf the area to clear the negative energy.

Sometimes our energy/vibrations might be running on a lower frequency than normal (due to a number of things like work, stress, relationships). Sage is often recommended to clear your current vibes, so you can make room for bringing happiness, love, and kindness into your life.

Check out our (low budget 🙃  ) video on how you can use sage to remove negative energy from your place or office.

Think of our "Intro to Wellness" blog series as a beginner's guide to wellness and holistic ideas. We'll be teaching you things like… how to use crystals to your benefit, how to cleanse a person with sage, how to build a crystal grid, how to use self-care tools to decrease stress, etc. This series is all about helping wellness wannabes become wellness pros!

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