Rainbow Fluorite Properties & Meaning

June 11, 2020

Learn about rainbow flourite point

Introduction to Rainbow Fluorite

Fluorite is a naturally occurring mineral found primarily in South Africa, Mexico, and China. In its purest form, it is entirely translucent. Traces of minerals give it various colors. Rainbow fluorite typically contains purple, green, and blue tones.

Fluorite is commonly associated with Capricorn and Pisces birth signs.

Rainbow Fluorite Meaning

Need to recharge your chakra or reset your aura? Meet Rainbow Fluorite!

This stone's energy calms your ever-going mind. It cleanses any vibes in your environment that may not be aligned with what you want. It is the best crystal to use to overcome any type of chaos, so use this stone to bring a saner order to your life!

Fluorite has many protective qualities. Hold it near when you need to block unwanted outside influences. It can also absorb and deflect computer/electronic feedback from your surroundings. Cleanse it often to remove the negative energies it has absorbed. Placing it in the sunlight/moonlight or clearing it with a smudge stick are the best options.

Rainbow fluorite slab

Rainbow Fluorite Properties

Rainbow fluorite is useful for group projects. It helps individuals come together around a common purpose. Its ability to improve learning and to absorb new information is particularly helpful for study groups or work teams ramping up on new concepts. Additionally, it promotes impartiality helping group members focus on the best outcome versus their individual desires.

Meditate with this crystal to heighten your spiritual awareness. Focus on current issues in your life to fully understand the cause and best action to deal with the situation.

Keep a piece near your bed to promote better sleep. It will reduce your stress so that you can slip away to dreamland.


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