Astrophyllite 2.25"

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Astrophyllite attracts POSITIVE vibes and drowns out the negative ones. Get ready to fill that half empty cup up... FULL.

This crystal is a rare stone that can only be found in a handful of place around the world, like Russia, USA, + Norway.

Check out its unique reflective starburst patterns that will give off light and energy to any room. 

Use this crystal when you are looking for extra motivation and working on your self growth. It can help you zero in on your goals and stay on course towards the finish line. 

Chakra connection --> Astrophyllite is synced up with the crown chakra. Using this stone during meditation can help you deepen your psychic powers and connect with your intuition. 

Energy Properties
- protection
- grounding
- calming 
- self growth

approx dimensions: 2.25" length x 1" width x 1" height