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Creativity and Innovation Gemstone Set

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Feeling stalled out on a project? Do you want to restore your confidence? Protect yourself against envy or jealousy? 

It's time to let that creativity flow! Use these stones to guide you in the direction of your true light, passion, and talent. 

Hold on tight when you want to get rid of those sluggish vibes and stimulate your mental energy. We have curated this set so you can fight fear with confidence and enhance your spiritual growth and wisdom. 

These stones are perfect for your work desk, bedside, or meditation space.  

Our Creativity and Innovation Stone Set includes:

  • AgateAgate is known as the "Eyes of The Earth" and as a balancing stone. Its energies focus on strengthening the body and mind, as well as imparting a sense of strength and courage. It is also said to enhance creativity and stimulate the intellect.
  • Orange CalciteOrange Calcite is known for its creativity, innovation, and confidence metaphysical properties. It’s translucent, glowing orange color will help guide your focus back to yourself and empower you to accomplish things - whether it is with work, personal projects, or emotional situations.
  • Clear Quartz Clear Quartz is a stone of clarity which works to dispel negativity and clear away negative energy so you can focus on opening up your mind, body, and soul. It also an amplifier so it will heighten the energy of the other stones it is around. It's a great tool to use to amplify your intentions and manifestations.