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Meditation Crystal Set

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We created this set to amplify and enhance your meditation practice. Meditation helps you to center your thoughts, relax, and focus on positive aspects of your life. This starter set provides multiple crystal options so you can select the best crystal to meet your daily meditation needs. Mix and match stones to create the best experience. 

Set includes:

  • Clear Quartz - Clear, Cleanse, and Heal

  • Selenite - Clear mind + release negative energy

  • Amethyst - Clarity of mind + self-discovery

  • Sodaliteenhance intuition and insight

  • Green Calcite - Relax + goal setting

How to meditate with crystals:

  1. Select the stones that fit the needs of your meditation session
  2. Sit quietly in a place you feel comfortable and relaxed
  3. Hold the stones in your hand with your eyes closed
  4. Imagine the crystal's energy flowing into your hands and then throughout your body
  5. Focus on your breathing while visualizing your intention
  6. Continue until you feel a connection between your body, the crystal, and your environment
  7. End the session by opening your eyes and taking a few deep breaths