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Self Love and Happiness Gemstone Set

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The perfect place to search for love is within.

This Self Love and Happiness Gemstone Set offers energies involving acceptance, being grounded, love, and wisdom.

Crystal Details!

  • Mangano Calcite - known as the Self Love Stone. It's light pink color gives off a calming energy which is said to heal the heart chakra. Its energy focuses on filling your heart with universal love.
  • Peacock Ore - helps with self-reflection. It assists with shifting your focus to yourself so you can align your thoughts, balance emotions, and increase your self-esteem!
  • Clear Quartz - the stone of clarity which dispels negativity and clears away negative energy.
  • Bloodstone - is an excellent stimulator for boosting energy, your immune system, and dreaming! Use it when you are adjusting to new environments or anxious in public -->> its energies focus on strength, determination, and courage!
  • Green Jasper - helps you recognize unhealthy thoughts or actions. Once you recognize your issue you can work to move through it and become a happier YOU!