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Be a Goddess Empowerment Spray by Sparkle Rock Pop

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Our "Be a Goddess" Spray is the SRP signature essential oil blend for empowerment!

Made of 100% all natural essential oils, this spray is ideal for switching up your energy and getting into goddess mode! It's subtle yet power scent is perfect to help you feel stronger and more confident!

Perfect for use during meditation, as a room refresher, a quick spritz at work, or as a personal misting spray. 

Shake gently before use and store in a cool, dry place.

About Our Be a Goddess Spray:

  • 2 oz glass bottle (perfect for traveling!)
  • All Natural Ingredients Include: Distilled Water, Lavender Essential Oil, Grapefruit Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Grain Alcohol, Sea Salt
  • Hand Made in Silverlake
  • No Animal Products // No Animal Testing

Blend Details:

Lavender - known to have a calming, relaxing and balancing effect – physically and emotionally.

Grapefruit - it's scent has a wonderful, uplifting, & citrus aroma. It's the perfect start to any morning for a bright and cheery day.

Peppermint - can help improve mental focus, boost energy, relieve headaches, and give off a cooling sensation when applied to the body.