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Pink Tourmaline in Quartz

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Found in Brazil, this natural Quartz rock was found with Pink Tourmaline layered into it! With these crystals being intertwined, you'll definitely get intense lovin' feelings! 

Pink Tourmaline is a heart chakra cleanser and brings vibes of balance, feminine (yin) energy, and happiness. 

Quartz is known as the master healer and also as an amplifier. It's a great tool to use to amplify your intentions and manifestations. 

Place it somewhere special. This could be your room, common area, or office.

When you're looking for some extra love, close your eyes and hold it close to your heart. Take a few breaths and focus on your breathing. With each breath relax a bit more than you did the last breath. Think about bringing joy and happiness into your life. Picture what that looks like and feel that energy. Be the energy you want to attract. Slowly start to focus on your breathing again. Smile and open your eyes <3 

*** Remember that crystals are siblings, not twins. Exact crystal shape and size will vary slightly ***

approx measurements: ~ 3" length x 2" width x 2"