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Money & Abundance Stone Set

Bring on the success! Bring on the cha-ching! Our Abundance Stone Set is a MUST have for those ready to manifest their destiny! It’s also a perfect gift for students entering  the work force or someone starting a new job or venture.

Our Abundance Stone Set includes:

  • Pyrite - Energies focus on overcoming mental fatigue, increasing clarity, and encouraging leadership qualities --> hello, promotion! hello, raise! Also great to use when wanting to manifest more money!  
  • Citrine-  aka the stone of abundance & manifestation! Use this stone attract that money, honey. And we're talking about more than wealth... good luck and success in new endeavors too! 
  • Yellow Jasper - aka the "Salesman's Stone" - brings out confidence and success vibes when we need to sell ourselves, be persuasive, and have powerful energy surrounding you. Plus in Feng Shui, they recommend placing it in corners around the house to bring in money and success! 
  • Chrysocolla - Allows you to clearly communicate and present your ideas. It can also help dispel intense energy during confrontations or disagreements. Let this stone's energy allow you to see both sides of any issues and strengthen your character.

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