Calcite Properties & Meaning

June 11, 2020

Calcite Crystals

Introduction to Calcite

Calcite is one of the most abundant crystals that can be found all over the world. Like ALL over the globe… Africa, Brazil, Czech Republic, Germany, India, Mexico, Romania, & even in the USA! Ancient cultures often used it to carve items relating to their god(s).

It comes in a variety of colors, like orange, yellow, blue, pink, and white. Overall though, Calcite is primarily known for having a transparent, waxy look regardless of what color shade it is.

Aragonite is another form of Calcite. It can be created in days when exposed to extremely high temperatures!

All forms of Calcite are associated with Cancer as a birth sign. It amplifies their positive emotional tendencies and their imagination. It can also help them overcome moodiness and pessimism by damping down on negative thoughts.

Mangano pink sphere Blue Calcite Cluster Orange Calcite Crystal

Calcite Meaning

Each type of Calcite has unique properties. Generally, they all share a few key traits in common:

Mental healing - especially in psychological healing. Calcite drives mental clarity and focus. Blue Calcite is one of my favorites for quieting the 50 voices in my head when I wake up at 3 am! Focus on it to identify your concerns and let them go.

Cleansing - Absorb, cleanse, and amplify energy before returning it to you.  

Increase your emotional quotient (EQ) - Use this stone to boost positive vibes, step outside of yourself, and really see and understand what those around you are going through.

Calcite Properties

Calcite is best used for amplifying energy. Hold a stone in each hand to create a positive conduit through your body. Place near other stones to boost their energy and benefits. Or place in your home to increase positive energy flowing through your living space.

Calcite Varieties

  • Blue Calcite - Great for checking those negative thoughts and calming the eff down. Hold this stone and zone out.
  • Orange Calcite - known for its creativity, innovation, and confidence-boosting properties. Think of it as bringing a bit of happy sunlight into your life
  • Mangano Calcite - A soft pink colored stone known as the “self-love” stone. It is useful for dealing with emotional trauma and heartbreak.
  • Clear Calcite - Known for its revitalizing, motivating, and focus metaphysical properties. Its translucent glowing color will help guide your focus back to yourself. It will empower you to accomplish things - whether it is with work, personal projects, or emotional situations.


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