Orange Calcite Properties & Meanings

November 10, 2016

Learn More about Orange Calcite

Introduction to Orange Calcite

A member of the abundant, diverse calcite family, Orange Calcite has a glowing, slightly waxy appearance. It can be found all over the world.

It is associated with Cancer as a birth sign.

Orange Calcite Meaning

Orange Calcite is known for its creativity, innovation, and confidence-boosting properties.

It will help guide your focus back to yourself and empower you to accomplish things - whether it is with work, personal projects, or emotional situations.

This is an ideal stone for artists, entrepreneurs, students/academics, and creative job roles like marketing and advertising.

Calcite Properties

Use your calcite to increase personal motivation and drive. Place it on your desk, dresser, living room, or somewhere special to you.

When you have a moment to yourself, hold onto your piece, and then focus your attention on YOUR wants and desires... Are you seeking inspiration? Do you feel clouded? Are you on your way to accomplishing your goals?

Release the fear and thoughts that have been holding you back. Let the purifying energy clear out the negative, stale vibes from your body, room, etc. This will ultimately allow more room for optimism and joy to come into your life.

Orange Calcite

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