Mangano Pink Calcite Properties & Meaning

February 13, 2018

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Introduction to Mangano Pink Calcite

This stone is a calcium carbonate, which has a unique baby pink color due to its manganese content. It's laced with white inclusions that really make it unique. It's called the "self-love" stone.

All forms of Calcite are associated with Cancer as a birth sign. It amplifies their positive emotional tendencies and their imagination. It can also help them overcome moodiness and pessimism by damping down on negative thoughts.

Mangano pink calcite palm stone

Mangano Pink Calcite Meaning

It's great for dealing with emotional trauma or heartbreak. It is potent from the crown chakra to the heart chakra. Its light pink color gives off calming energy, which is said to heal, and help you overcome feelings of guilt or deep-rooted emotional beliefs. Its energy focuses on filling your heart with universal love.

Mangano Pink Calcite Properties

Keep this stone in the west part of your home or bedroom to increase the benefits of its properties. You can use it while meditating, or simply while being mindful in your home. Hold it in your hands and focus on your breath while thinking of your emotional goals. It can bring serenity to help you understand yourself, and ground you for making changes. Keep this stone somewhere special that you can see easily to reap its benefits.

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