Peacock Ore Properties & Meaning

June 11, 2020

Peacock Ore tumble stone - purple blue green

Introduction to Peacock Ore

This pretty stone takes its name from the blue, green, purple, and gold tones so similar to its namesake animal. It typically occurs near copper ores with some of the largest mines in Montana and Connecticut.  

Peacock ore is a birthstone for Cancer and Capricorn.

Peacock Ore Meaning

Peacock ore is the ultimate stone to help with self-reflection. It will open your eyes so that you see the most authentic version of yourself. This awakening enables you to align your thoughts, balance emotions, and increase your self-esteem.

This stone helps with new beginnings by clearing away the past. Let it point you in a new direction in life.

Peacock Ore Properties

Sometimes we all feel a bit low. Concentrating on Peacock Ore enables you to see the joy in the everyday little things that matter. Let it turn your eyes away from the crummy aspects of life that keep you from true happiness. This stone is an excellent gift for friends who are going through a hard time.

Use Peacock Ore as part of the Feng Shui for your home. Place it in the health area of your home to increase energy and enhance well being.  

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