Advice from a Goddess: Amy Bauer, Fitness and Nutrition Coach

August 13, 2018

Advice from a Goddess Amy Bauer Fitness and Nutrition Coach

Summer, summer, summertime! What better time than now to get some amazing goddess advice from a fitness and nutrition coach! 

I was fortunate enough to meet Amy Bauer a few months ago. Her calming yet playful energy is great to be around, and her Insta is a major source of inspo for me (check it out here! ). She's a fitness and nutrition coach, but she keeps it REAL. She knows that one-size doesn't fit all, so her plans are tailored to make fitness and nutrition more approachable for YOU!

Without further ado... Here is some sage goddess advice from Amy -

Summer is here, which means people are trying to work out a bit more and eat healthier. What are the most common mistakes people make when starting on a diet?

Usually, I see people trying to bite off more than they can chew. When motivation strikes, it's easy to want to overhaul everything all at once — start exercising, change all of your eating habits, drink more water, doing yoga. I get it! But I always encourage folks to pick one or two things to work on for a couple of weeks, and then gradually make more changes once they gain some momentum and confidence in their ability to make behavioral changes. This makes for more sustainable, lasting change, so you don't burn out after a week. 

What are some ways people can stay inspired once they have started to make a change in their diet and/or fitness routine?

Embrace the suck and realize that if it were easy, no one would struggle with leading a healthy lifestyle, and everyone in the world would be fit as a fiddle. I think we've been so conditioned by commercials and social media ads that you can make one small change and lose tons of weight or workout for 2 minutes a day and get a 6-pack, but unfortunately for us all, that's just not how it works. My one big tip is to write down your "why" when you embark on a lifestyle change and really dig down deep to get the bottom of why you're doing this. Then, when things inevitably start to suck a bit, you can read what past you wrote and use that for a little oomph to get through any temporary frustration or annoyance and forget ahead. 

What are three essential exercises you suggest for your clients?

For do-it-anywhere, full-body exercises, it really doesn't get better than the pushup, the plank, and the squat. You can progress and regress each of these very easily, and there are endless ways to vary the reps, positions, and tempos to keep things from getting stale!

Amy Bauer Pushup on park bench

I know you love the outdoors! What are some of your favorite places to workout outside in LA?

Hiking up Westridge Canyonback with my pup, rollerblading along the boardwalk in Santa Monica, biking down the Strand to Hermosa Beach, doing the Culver City Stairs, paddleboarding in the marina…oh man, too many! I feel like a kid in a candy shop sometimes.

Rollerblading on the beach

How do you incorporate wellness into your life?

I've been a devoted FitBit user since 2012, so that's one way I keep myself motivated. I love getting my steps in! I also take the stairs whenever possible, even if it means lugging my suitcase up the stairs at LAX. Having a great reusable water bottle is also key, so I always have my Hydroflask with me and try to drink 3-4 liters a day. And when in doubt, a good rule of thumb I love is, "how can I add veggies to this meal, or make it a little healthier?" Whether it's getting dressing on the side or adding spinach to smoothies, it's little things that add up over time…think of it like the rain barrel effect!

Amy Bauer

Want to train with Amy? Learn more  HERE! And follow her HERE!


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