Advice From a Goddess: Brie Pugh, Mindset and Success Coach

October 09, 2018

Advice From a Goddess Brie Pugh Mindset and Success Coach

Sometimes life can feel off track. Sometimes the uncertainty about the future can be overwhelming. Sometimes you can have a goal or dream, but have no idea where to start or how to get there. Life Coaches can help with all of that! 

Enter Brie Pugh , Mindset and Success Coach. Brie's business is centered around helping "hardcore hustlers who are stressed and overextended to find more balance in their bodies, flow and ease in their minds, and deeper alignment with their souls." 

Where do I sign up? 

So without further ado, some sage advice from Brie ... 

What inspired you to become a life coach?

My personal spiritual journey. I found myself in a dark place a few yrs ago, completely unhappy in my career, not really sure who I was or what I wanted. I'd lost touch with my self-love and was seeking fulfillment outside of myself. Around this time, I started learning more about the Universal Laws and manifesting, and realized that my whole outlook on life and myself had been pretty backward, and this essentially woke me up.  I felt this intuitive knowing that everything I was feeling and going through was for a reason, and I was meant to learn from it so that I could help other people overcome their own obstacles.  I decided to dive deeper into all the things I was passionate about: personal development, spirituality, holistic healing, and just follow the calling of my soul to get me to where I was meant to be!

Brie pugh mindset coach

What is a major benefit(s) people can get from having a life coach?

As humans, we tend to go searching for happiness outside ourselves, seeking it in other people, places, and things. But, wherever you go, there you are.  So why not commit to doing the inner work and vastly improving the quality of your life and everything you ever thought you were capable of? You truly can have everything that you want, more money, optimal health, love, a new career, etc. But it is 80% an internal game. Investing in a coach can put you in a vortex to make massive leaps in your life at a much faster rate than if you tried to do it alone and were left to your own self-sabotage (to put it lightly).

I think most everyone can benefit from investing in a coach.  Any difficulty that you are experiencing, there is someone who has been through it and can help you.  This isn't about feeling weak or wanting someone to fix all your problems (YOU have to do the work), this is about committing to becoming a higher, better version of yourself, and bringing someone in to guide you and hold you accountable during your transformation.

Investing in a coach allows you to have someone who can help you see beyond yourself and your tiny little bubble of reality that you stay in, which keeps you complacent and safe. It's someone who will push you to the edge of your fear, to the upper limit of your success that you have set, and help you to break through it. It is someone who is not your family, not your significant other, not your friends, who are committed to helping you to put in the work and achieve the results that you so deeply desire.  

What's the best way to go about finding a life coach? How do you know who would best suit you and your needs?

The biggest thing I will say is that when the student is ready, the teacher appears!  The first investment I made in my personal growth was with an intuitive spiritual mentor, and we just happened to meet through a friend.  If you are open and ready for change, ask for guidance from your higher self and see who shows up.  Building upon that, I think an energetic connection is one of the biggest factors that should go into who you choose.  You must vibe with this person on a deep level and feel comfortable opening up to them about your deepest desires, heaviest fears, childhood wounds, etc.  You also want to make sure you are working with someone who can help you solve the problem you have and get you the results you are seeking, so it helps to be clear on that.  There is an abundance of coaches on Facebook and Instagram.  Also, ask your friends or people you admire if they've ever worked with a coach.  Referrals are huge, and you will probably trust the coach more if your friend just had an awesome experience with them. 

What do you find are the most common mistakes people make when trying to create a change in their life?

Trying to do it on their own and quitting before they reach the finish line because they let fear and self-doubt paralyze them.

Talking the talk, saying they are ready for change, but not actually being committed to taking action.

Thinking that change will just happen overnight, and not having the patience.  True change comes from re-programming the brain and taking action to create new habits- this can take time to integrate into the nervous system. 

Thinking that someone else will just solve all their problems for them and they won't have to do any of the work.  It doesn't work that way! 

What are some ways people can stay inspired and/or consistent once they have started to make a change in their routine?

I LIVE off of personal development content. I crave it daily.  Start following all the people that inspire you on social media and flood your feed with uplifting content instead of the low vibe stuff that drains you and makes you feel like crap! Start listening to podcasts, watching youtube videos, reading books on things that interest you and light you up.  

Act like you are getting a Masters degree in YOU and be a sponge for new information and get excited to do the internal work.  Set aside time in your schedule daily, weekly to journal.  Journaling is like writing a letter to your higher self and really helps you to hone in on your intuitive skills. 

Remember your WHY.  WHY are you creating this change in your life? If you don't have a why, you're going to burn out quickly.  With this, be clear on your vision, so you have something to work towards. Too many people are not specific enough in getting clear on what they WANT. 

Take notes of your progress and your achievements and reflect on them all the time!  Oftentimes, when we completely focused on a future goal, we take ourselves out of the present moment, and we forget just how far we've come. Express gratitude for your progress.  You can become a completely different person and have a totally different life in less than six months if you want. 

Pink journal

For anyone struggling with self-love, are there any easy techniques people can start trying integrating into their lives to shift their mindset?

Make a self-love checklist of all the things you can do right now to make you feel love for yourself and raise your vibe. Whether it's having a dance party or putting away the scale, come back to this list over and over again. 

Detoxify your social media of ALL accounts that bring up negative emotions for you. Detoxify your life of the people that suck your soul dry and make you feel terrible- are you even conscious of how people make you feel?

Realize that you have a choice every morning when you wake up of how you want to feel that day.  You can wallow in your self-pity and tell yourself all the reasons why you're not good enough, but know that your external reality is a reflection of your internal state of being. You truly attract things, people, situations into your life based on the energy you are putting out and the beliefs and emotions you have inside.  This was a MASSIVE awakening for me and helped me to feel much more powerful in who I was as a human being. Instead of being so worried about getting approval or judgment from others, I decided I got to be in control of who I showed up as and what my life looked like with this simple shift in mindset. 

Look for ways you can accept yourself today.  This means forgiving yourself and others for the past and getting present.  Make a list of all the things about yourself that you are grateful for.  I think before you can feel love for yourself, you have to be able to accept yourself for who you are.

How do you incorporate wellness into your life?

I make time for my non-negotiables, aka the things I love that will raise my vibe.  I make sure I'm integrating at least a few into my week, no matter what. For me, this is cooking, getting out in nature, writing, reading, listening to podcasts and audiobooks, journaling, etc.  Prioritizing your self-care is crucial to keeping your vibration high. 

I don't allow myself to get stressed about how many times I worked out, how strict I was with my diet, etc. throughout the week.  I celebrate my wins and know that I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be.  All the rules, restrictions, and unrealistic expectations I used to put on myself were the first things to go when I started my journey back to self-love. 

Brie Pugh Success Coach

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