Advice From a Goddess: Ellina Johnson, Reiki Healer and Shadow Worker

November 13, 2018

Advice From a Goddess: Ellina Johnson, Reiki Healer and Shadow Worker

Have you heard about Reiki and energy healing but not sure what it is or how it works? Don't worry, I know someone. 

Meet Ellina Johnson. Ellina is a Reiki healer and also does shadow work (healing trauma), tarot readings, and channeled readings as well! This goddess is fiercely in touch with her intuition. Awakening that special connection took time and also overcoming her own darkness.  

Ellina was gracious enough to share her light and knowledge with us regarding the topic of Reiki and how she came into the role of being a healer. 

So without further ado, some sage Goddess advice from Ellina...

How is Reiki treatment given, and what does it feel like?
Reiki is usually very relaxing like Savasana at the end of a yoga class. The healing can either be hands-on or hands-off or a mixture of both. Every practitioner/healer works differently especially because it is an intuitive practice. Most reiki healers will incorporate crystals, sounds, essential oils, or even divination readings like Tarot. Everyone's experience with Reiki or any type of healing energy is very different. Some people can feel a lot of sensations in their body when being worked on, others fall asleep, and some can just feel relaxed or feel nothing at all. Whatever the client experiences, the healing is still happening. It is working on a very unconscious energetic level.

As for me, I do a mixture of hands-on and off, depending on what I feel the person needs. I use crystals, sound, and on occasion, essential oils. I don't usually talk during a session so each client can fully let go, relax, and experience a journey into their inner world. I receive messages, when relevant, from Spirit and relay the messages, so, at the end of each session, the client can walk away with some awareness of what might be going on with their body.

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How did you discover your gift of being able to heal?

Most empaths, as a young child, view their sensitivities to energy and other people's emotions as a detriment. Like most, I felt the same way. But as I kept path on my spiritual journey, I realized that being an empath was a way to heal not only myself but others. It wasn't a disadvantage at all, rather a gift. My journey diving deep into my shadows, facing all the raw, untamed emotions within me, and being able to move through them made me realize I wanted to help others heal and do the same.

Knowing that everyone has a different perspective, life journey, and we are all at different stages in our life - how do you connect with and heal various clients?

One of the core principles I have as a healer is that I don't do any of the healing. A job of a healer is to be a container for people's emotions/energy. I do that by being as present as I can with each person. It is also to be a clear channel for Divine energy to flow through and do all the healing. A healer is only a channel for that energy and presence.

Ellina Johnson

What is a major benefit people can get from a Reiki session?

It is not only relaxing but when working with an experienced practitioner, you can move through energies that are stuck in different parts of the body and allow the natural flow of energy back to the body. It can create flow not only physically but also energetically, emotionally, and mentally.

What brings you the most joy from your sessions? 

Meeting new people and creating a safe space for people to let go brings me joy. I also value and appreciate when people let me into their energy field. It is truly a gift each time.

How do you recommend that people best embrace their life and light?

My best advice to embrace life and light is to follow what feels inspiring, exciting, and to follow your heart. Even if it's 51% more exciting than the other option, always follow your heart and let go of the "How's" of life. We are not meant to know how things are going to come together. When we try to figure out how we are only resisting the natural flow of energy.

How do you incorporate wellness into your life?

Wellness, to me, is self-care. Self-care is all about making space for self-reflection without any external distractions. So whether it's meditation, journaling, or being present with my feelings, I always make it a priority to make time for self-care practices. My favorite practices are meditation, body movement like dancing, and ritual. 

Want to meet with Elina or learn more about her craft? Click HERE or HERE!

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