DI4Y: Creating Your Own Crystal Grid

December 01, 2016

How to Make a Crystal Grid

Feeling like you may be needing an extra energy boost from your crystals? Use our Step-by-Step Crystal Grid Guide as a powerful energy tool to manifest your intentions and desires.

A crystal grid is a set of stones that you set up in a geometric pattern with a specific intention that you want to draw energy towards. Placing your stones in a crystal grid is said to create stronger energy than just a single stone.

Just so you know, there is no right or wrong way to create a crystal grid! If your intentions are there, you will create a very powerful and energized grid.

What you will need:

    • Grid Cloth (optional)
    • Master Stone/Center stone
    • Surrounding stones (tumbled or raw)
    • Activation wand 
    • Location for your grid
    • A written down affirmation/intention on a small piece of paper or photo

Step 1: Decide on your intention and purpose for the grid. Your intention is what charges the crystals. Be specific. Do you want to sleep better? Are you looking for The One? Do you want a raise or higher position at work? Knowing your intention will help you pick out the most effective crystals for your grid. Our Crystal Intentions categories can help you find the perfect stones.

Step 2: Write your intention on a piece of paper or photo.

Step 3: Pick out where you are going to create your grid. Cleanse this space using Sage or Palo Santo. You may then add any extra touches to make the area feel even more sacred to you (flowers, incense, music, candles, etc.).

Step 4: Place your crystals in a geometric pattern. Start from the outside and work your way in. As you are doing this, think of your intention and what you are trying to manifest. Leave the Master Stone for last and put your folded intention under your Master Stone.

Step 5: Next, activate the crystal grid layout. Take your activation wand, and starting from the outside, draw an invisible line between each stone to energetically connect each to the next. Visualize your intentions during this time and find peace in your ritual.

Your crystal grid is now activated! We recommend leaving your crystal grid laid out for at least a month to get the most out of it!

Remembering to take some time for yourself can be tough. Our DI4Y, aka “Do It For Yourself” series, is a variety of homemade recipes & wellness aids to encourage you to take care of yourself.

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