Self Love Tips for Fall

October 29, 2018

Self Love Tips for Fall

Autumn is upon us. Time for delicious warm drinks, furry scarves, something pumpkin, and enjoying the comfort of our own home. 

Here are a couple of my self-care recommendations for this Fall - ->

Create an intention to make your home more snug and serene.

To me, this meant making my place clean and clutter-free. This was important to me because when I'm ready to pull out more blankets, candles, etc. I want to have available space for them. And honestly, it's just time. I have officially entered my 30's, and I don't need to keep everything I bought when I first got my own apartment. I need to release items in order for my style to evolve and to make room for some new things!

My approach? I did several "spring-like" cleaning over the course of a couple of weeks. The task --> Go through my closet (section by section), getting rid of home decor I no longer felt attached to, clean and wipe down everything (dust boards, crowded corners, nooks & crannies, books, picture frames, etc.). 

I recognized immediately that I didn't want to pressure myself into complete it all in one fell swoop. My game plan was to attack my apartment section by section. I was able to carve out bits of time in the morning or in the evening to get it all done. Scheduling out the time definitely helped me keep myself accountable.

I also needed some time to think about some of the items I wasn't sure on. Were they really serving a purpose? If not, sold or donated!

This whole process helped me fall in love more with the seasonal change and look forward to the shorter, darker days ahead. Bring on all the extra blankets and sweaters! 

Knit blankets


Take the time to cleanse and re-program your crystals.

Make those crystals work for you, honey! AKA program your crystal to remind yourself about something you've been wanting or working on (ex. eat healthier, deepen self-love, amplify creative vibes, chill out more, protect against negative vibes). 

Follow these simple steps to program your crystal or use it as a manifesting tool - 

  1. Set aside two minutes in the morning⠀
  2. Simply hold on to your crystal
  3. Take a few deep breathes to center and ground yourself (try to breathe in your nose and out through your mouth)⠀
  4. Take a minute to focus on what it is you want to manifest... an outcome? Energy/feeling? Action?
  5. Repeat what you want a few times out loud or yourself 
  6. Move your fingers and toes around a little bit, and move on with your day!

Then - find it a happy home. This could be somewhere like your work desk, bedside, dresser, closet, etc.

I like to place it somewhere that I pass by frequently or where I want that particular intention to happen. For example, I have a pyrite and citrine crystal on my work desk because I want to work hard towards making my businesses a success. Their placement helps me keep my eye on the prize while I'm trying to do just that! I also have a rose quartz sphere near my bedside and selenite + amethyst pieces in my home's most popular place, the living room, because they balance and refresh the energy that is constantly flowing in and out!

fireHOT TIP  -- When you catch a glimpse of your crystal, take a moment to remind yourself of what you've been trying to work on. 

"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall." - F. Scott Fitzgerald

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