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Goddess Weekend: Palm Springs

November 01, 2016

Goddess Weekend: Palm Springs

The foundation of any Goddess party is acceptance of self, others, and life.

Here at Sparkle Rock Pop, we believe every women (and person!) should take the time a celebrate the Goddess she is every once and awhile.

Actually, that is what truly sparked the idea for Sparkle Rock Pop... a Goddess party in Palm Springs that Devin hosted for 11 of her closest girlfriends. We were able to take a step back from our lives and express ourselves anyway we wanted to for the weekend.

Everyone got a lot out of the weekend... there was glitter, body paint and everything we could possibly need to feel like a goddess warrior. There was lots of dancing, singing, vulnerability in conversations and even some first shooting star sightings! Girl power to the max! 


We made sure that the food we ate was something positive that we were putting into our body. It was a fun collaborative effort from everyone; some came up with the recipes, others shopped for the food and then a few of the goddesses cooked the food.

As our whimsical weekend came to an end, everyone lined up to be smudged on their way out to ensure they were fully cleansed and feeling empowered. When it was their turn, each girl stated their intention and swirled around in the sage smoke as the other girls watched and cheered them on. It was a very positive way to bring the weekend to a close. 

The goddess getaway was an amazing time to express ourselves, learn from others, and realign our own goals, dreams, and inspirations. It’s truly a weekend I will never forget because it gave us the inspiration we needed to create Sparkle Rock Pop.



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