How To Explore LA: North Hollywood + Studio City

April 06, 2018

How To Explore LA: North Hollywood + Studio City

Hil here! When I first moved to LA 4 years ago, I wasn’t very familiar with Los Angeles and all I knew was there was the East side, the West side, and the Valley. I first lived in East Hollywood (very close to Los Feliz, check out this blog post to see what that area is like) and then about two years ago, I moved to North Hollywood and got acquainted with “the Valley”.

Before I moved, I was definitely a little on the fence about even considering the valley because it’s not LA proper and I was nervous it wouldn’t feel like I was really in LA anymore. Well, long story short, I love NoHo and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else in LA at this time in my life.



  • Pho NoHoThis has been my go to spot for rainy days. I am usually not a huge fan or Pho but this place seriously kills it. Their veggie option is SO good too. They also have wonderful selection of tea.
  • EAT Quite possibly the most popular breakfast spot in NoHo. There is always a wait to get in. Their rolled pancakes are definitely a treat!
  • El Tejano- I feel like El Tejano may be best known for its fun night time atmosphere than the food. Their giant margaritas are definitely the drink of choice. Most people are there to chat over chips and salsa and indulge in a game of corn hole.


  • H.O.P.E- If you like Thai and Vegan food than theirs hope (get it?) for you! This is a popular spot among the healthy junkies and fit celebs.
  • Naturewell2This spot actually has many locations. When I lived in East Hollywood, I would go to the one in Silverlake all of the time. Tony's Special is definitely my favorite smoothie ever! 

video from the naturewell2

Wellness spots

  • Electric Soul Yoga- This has been my yoga studio for over a year now. I love it. The teachers are amazing and the workshops they offer are SO good. 
  • Den Meditation- This is the newest location for Den. The studio is so beautiful and the offer a large selection of classes for you to try. They also have teas and other refreshments waiting for you after your class so you can maintain your zen even longer.
  • The Spice Way- This store is definitely considered a wellness spot to me. It was an amazing selection of loose teas that seriously covers any issue you could think of. Everything is super healthy and you wouldn't believe some of the spices mixes they come up with.

Music/Entertainment Venues

North Hollywood Arts District is loaded with small theaters and movie screen for independent films and original plays.

  • The Federal- This spot has a something going on every night! From Jazz to Comedy to burlesque, this place has it all! It also has a restaurant in the from that offers bottomless mimosas in the front.
  • The Cupcake Theater- Right in the heart of the art's district, this theater is owned by a former cupcake baker and holds a range of events like musicals and popular plays! 

Coffee Shops

  • Republic of Pie- This seems like the "cool" place to work in NoHo. It can be a little difficult to snag a spot here. The coffee is very good and the pies are seriously outstanding. During the evenings they have live music so if you are looking for a quite cafe instead of a city cafe, maybe try hitting it up in the mornings rather than the evenings.
  • Joe Coffee- It may be a small spot but it is certainly a giant when it comes to the popular spots to grab a coffee at in the area. They are always changing up their menu to match the season. They also have amazing chalk art on their main all that changes every few months.
  • GroundworksGroundworks has many locations but this one is my favorite. They converted an old railroad house into this coffee shop. It's right next to the Red Line and is a super convenient spot for commuters. There is also plenty a space so it's pretty simple to find a seat.

groundworks coffee noho

Outdoor Activities

  • Chandler Bike PathThis 4 mile path stretches from North Hollywood to Burbank. It use to be the end of the Pacific Railroad and there's a fun memorial at the end of it dedicated to the men that serviced the tracks. Along the way are beautiful murals and cottages that are dressed up for all of the patrons.

  • Food Truck InvasionEvery Thursday night the best food trucks line up around North Hollywood Park (see below) with live music for the community to try out the top food trucks in LA.
  • North Hollywood Park- This park covers two blocks and holds the community center. They have basketball and tennis courts as well as a swimming pool.
Fun Facts

Public transportation is great!

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