Meditation Apps: Headspace vs Simple Habit

January 09, 2018

Meditation Apps: Headspace vs Simple Habit

I'm sure you’ve heard about mediation being good for your mental health. It’s very common to hear about the world's most successful people and how they incorporate meditation into their daily lives.

Getting into meditation can sometimes be a bit intimidating though. “Do I just sit there with my eyes closed?” “How long should I meditate for?” “Can I be still enough to even do it?”

Well as with anything in life, meditation needs practice... and consistency.

Luckily, it’s super easy to start nowadays because of apps!

Here's a breakdown of my 2 favorite apps to help you start an easy practice right away!

Simple Habit App Review

Simple Habit seems to be more well known amongst my friends and family. You can actually connect with your friends on the app so they can help you stay on track and vice versa.

There are MANY different teachers to choose from and the layout of the app is really well done.

Check out this preview video!

Headspace App Review

Headspace was actually the first app that I ended up trying out and it really helped me start my journey strong.

The beginner's challenge intro videos are super informative and really help you understand the whole meditation process. I didn't really get the same guidance with Simple Habit. They also have many topics to choose from to help you find a meditation that will best fit your needs at the moment.

Even though they don't have a variety of people to choose from like Simple Habit,  I think the voices of the meditation leaders they do have are super soothing. 

Check out their preview video!

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