2 Crystals You Need to Let Love Into Your Life

February 08, 2017

Love Healing Crystals

Crystals are a potent source of energy. They are literally everywhere in our day to day lives; in our watches, computers, cameras, even some toothpaste! Their energy is so strong that they are not only used for metaphysical properties but also to power our world!

So when it comes to the most important life driving source, how could we not use the power and energy of crystals?

What's the "life driving source" I'm speaking of?? It's LOVE!

Love...love... love... Everyone wants it, and it's impossible to ever get too much of it. Whether you are single and looking for a significant other or in a relationship and working on bringing the spark back or nurturing your strong foundation, it's important to "work" on the love in your life and open yourself up to it.

When it comes to love healing crystals, these are our two favorite recommendations - Malachite and Rose Quartz. 


Since love is something everyone wants, it's easy to become focused on finding a romantic relationship before we are even ready for one - especially if you had a bad break-up previously.

Malachite is vitally important when you are looking for love because it helps you heal from any past relationships. It works quickly and diligently to clear away painful heartache and make way for new love. The beautiful green swirls in this stone assist with ushering away hurtful memories, so it can also help heal any wounds in a current relationship and help you move on and grow as a couple. 

SRP Tip - Spend some time with this stone on your heart chakra via meditation, wear the stone as a pendant over your heart, or sleep with it under your pillow.

Malachite tumble stones

Rose Quartz

Once you are healed and ready for new love, Rose Quartz comes into play!

Rose Quartz invites love into your life. It opens your heart to receive love and gently remind you that you are worthy and deserving. Whether it's through a relationship or developing self-love, the whole world will benefit from the love you put into practice.

SRP Tip - Wear this stone or keep it by your bedside to remind you that love is coming your way. Place it around your home to fill the rooms with gentle energies of peace and compassion. Hold it in your hand as it opens your heart, increases self-acceptance, and the ability to love others.

Raw Rose Quartz

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