Intro to Wellness: Palo Santo

October 27, 2016

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What is Palo Santo?

Palo Santo (aka Holy Wood) is a sacred, mystical wood that comes directly from the Palo Santo tree (scientifically known as Bursera Graveolens). These trees are native to the South America rainforest and date back all the way to the time of the Incas.

The treatment of these trees is quite unique because there are strict laws that forbid these trees from being chopped down prematurely. Palo Santo trees can only be harvested or touched after the tree has a natural death (aka fallen to the ground) and has then laid on the forest floor for several years. 

So why does it have to be harvested this way? Well, it's said that once the tree hits the floor, it is then when it will start to develop the essential oils and healing properties that we use it for! So, spiritually speaking, the longer the tree rests, the more powerful it will be.

We truly appreciate the harvesters that respect these rules and the trees they handle.

It's always nice to know that the tool you are using to cleanse you and your space comes from a good, respected place.

So, How Does Palo Santo Benefit Me?

Palo Santo has been used for hundreds of years as a spiritual remedy to purify, cleanse, and get rid of any bad vibes in the space where you light it. In fact, it is still used today by Shamans to heal, cleanse negative energies, and attract positive energies.

Using palo santo sticks in your home or private space is a great way to purify any lingering bad vibes that may have drifted into your energy field. What's equally awesome about these sticks is that they can also bring positive, good vibes to you! Out with the old & in with the new! 

We light up our sticks to cleanse our homes before/after guests come over, after a long/hard/stressful day at work, during Sunday night meditation to start the new week with good intentions, to purify new & old crystals, and, really, we light them up whenever we want (because they smell really, really good).

Palo Santo is also said to help with meditation and concentration when it is used for aromatherapy purposes.

How Do I Use Palo Santo?

Light the stick at one end and hold it upright. Let it catch fire for 30-60 seconds and then lightly blow it out. When you start to see the embers flicker, let the smoke fill the air as you guide it around the room to cleanse your space.

Use this time to think about why you lit this stick...  What are your intentions? Are you purifying your space to shake off your current vibes or uplift your mood? Do you need some extra luck or positivity around you?

If your stick goes out too quickly, just re-light it. If it's still smoking and you're finished with moving it around the room, just place it on a ceramic dish, and it will stop burning and smoking on its own.

Your stick should last you many uses, so you'll be able to enjoy its mild scent and energetic properties again and again.

Need some Palo Santo in your life? We have it available for purchase here!

Palo Santo Sticks

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