Yoga For People Who Have Zero Time

July 14, 2017

Yoga For People Who Have Zero Time

Yoga has been a practice that has come in and out of my life for many years. When I am feeling stuck or unhealthy, yoga seems to be my go-to method for getting back on track. But for me, the hardest part about yoga is definitely getting to the studio; and I know it can be that way for a lot of people.  

About a year ago I found Yoga With Adriene on Youtube and quickly become obsessed with her videos. She seriously has a quick yoga video for any intention or body part you can think of. When I am feeling like it's difficult to schedule my day around the schedule of my studio's classes, I now have the ability to turn on Adrienne and still continue my practice. No excuses.

I highly recommend these videos and I hope they help you begin or continue your practice. Namaste.


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