Cool Ways to Use Smoke Bombs

November 20, 2017

Cool Ways to Use Smoke Bombs

There are SO MANY cool ways to use smoke fountains (aka smoke bombs, smoke effects, smoke sticks).

Check out these awesome ways people used them for Gender Reveals, Weddings, Editorial and Fashion Photography, Music Videos, and High School Pics, and more!

Pink Smoke Fountains

Fashion Shoot

Lady Gaga using Smoke Fountains

Lady Gaga in a Promo Video for her Joanne tour

Rae Sremmurd using Orange Smoke Fountains

Rae Sremmurd 'By Chance" music video

Fashion shoot with Smoke Fountains

Fashion Shoot // Photo by:  Darren McDonald

Wedding photo with smoke effects

Wedding Photo // Photo by: JONNY DRAPER PHOTOGRAPHY

Wedding Photo with smoke effects

Wedding Photo

Engagement photo with smoke effects

Engagement Photo

Gender Reveal

 Gender Reveal Announcement

It's a Boy!

Gender Reveal Announcement

Editorial Shoot with Smoke

Editorial Shoot

High School Senior Photo

High School Senior Photo

Senior Photo with Smoke

Senior Photo

Want to try taking some smoke bomb photos on your own now?

+ Check out our tips on how to use them HERE!

Smoke Bomb Photography

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