Best Crystals For Music Festivals

March 28, 2017 3 Comments

Best Crystals For Music Festivals

Warmer weather is on its way, which means music festival season will soon be upon us! 

Due to location, I'm a major Coachella & FYF junkie. I've always considered each music festival to be the biggest, best party weekend of the year when I go. It's all about dancing, seeing an amazing range of musical acts and art installations, meeting up with random friends and also making new ones!

Yet as much as I love music festivals, I will say sometimes they can be a bit overwhelming and hectic at times. So I've curated a list of our small, but mighty crystals that can provide a little bit of extra support and encouragement to you throughout your music festival experience.

We want you to have a fun and fulfilled time while you're there!

Smoky Quartz - protects against all forms of bad luck // encourages creative solutions to problems // hold on to it to relieve tension, stress, anxiety, or panic attacks.

Smoky Quartz Point

Carnelian - stone of power, courage, ambition, and inspiration // wards off negative emotions such as anger, fear, jealousy // promotes positivity, self-empowerment, and embracing life -- so use it to give you the courage to try new experiences and put yourself out there!

Carnelian Tumble StoneLabradorite - encourages self-awareness & self discovery // helps to remove negativity // assists with relaxing // enhances coincidence control

Labradorite Cluster

Pyrite - Stone of courage & willpower // encourages one to overcome fears // used to set intentions of enthusiasm, happiness, & power

Pyrite Cluster

Selenite - symbolizes purity, peace, and love // used for good luck and protection // assist with providing clarity of the mind // helps expands self-awareness.

Selenite Sticks

Safe Travels Stone Set - Bring all the vibes with you! This crystal set includes Amethyst, Black Obsidian, Green Aventurine, Smoky Quartz, Tigers Eye. More info on each stone here.

Safe travels stone set

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Curvy Logic
Curvy Logic

April 15, 2017

I carry smoky quartz with me at all times for its protective properties. I also keep a tiger’s eye as well. Thank you for putting together this list and it’s nice to see someone who shares in affinity for crystals and rocks too!

elizabeth allcock
elizabeth allcock

April 14, 2017

I’ve always wanted to go to Coachella! Hope you have a great time!


April 14, 2017

This if so cool! My mum has a lot of crystals, it’s always so interesting learning their different properties! xx

Sophia x

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