Best Gifts For Travelers

December 01, 2017

Best Gifts For Travelers

We all have that Jet-setter in our life that can be impossible to shop for at times. It’s sometimes hard to lock down a gift that they can appreciate and be able to use in their destination hopping. Check out these items we pulled that your nomad will enjoy AND will make it past airport security!

Safe Travels Gift Set- $6.99

We curated this stone get with the wanderer in mind. Each stone has a particular property that helps with safe and easy travelling.


Cleansing Sage Spray- $12

Our 2 oz (security line approve size) cleansing sage spray is wonderful to travel with. Not only does it clear any bad energy, it also is great to use when a hotel room is smelling a bit “stale”.

Mini Black Obsidian- $16

This pocket sized generator is perfect to slip into a suitcase or backpack of any size. Black obsidian is the protection stone and will keep them safe and negative energy away during their travels.

Crystal Bracelets- Starting at $10

These bracelets are delicate and something that they can keep on throughout their journey!

Fun & Fulfilled Tank- $27

This tank top is incredibly comfortable. It also is lightweight so it is easy to pack and allow for even more room in the suitcase! 


Black Braided Back Pack- $63

This back pack is stylish and ready to jet-set!

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