Intro to Wellness: Sweetgrass

January 05, 2017

How to Use Sweetgrass

What is it?

Sweetgrass - another cleansing & self growth tool to get familiar with!

In most wellness shops you are most likely to find sweetgrass placed next to bundles of sage and palo santo santo sticks. It is a tool that is used to cleanse and be burned, but it has its own special properties as well (see benefits below).

The sweetgrass plant is native to North America & Europe and is primarily found on lake shores and in canyons and drier wetlands. It grows among other plants and bushes, so sometimes it can be hard to spot. Popular spots to find it in the States include Ohio, Iowa, South Dakota, Arizona, & Washington.

After the plant is harvested, it is often braided and then burned as an incense. When burned, the plant will smolder, producing billows of clouds of fragrant vanilla-like smoke.

Sweetgrass is also known by a few different names like Seneca Grass, Holy Grass, Mary’s Grass, Vanilla Grass, and Buffalo Grass.

How Does it Benefit Me?

Traditionally used by Native Americans during prayers and purifying ceremonies, sweetgrass has become more popular to burn during meditation practices, cleansing & purifying rituals, and symbolizes setting new intentions and attracting positive vibes.

How Do I Use it?

Once you get your sweetgrass braid, snip off the more dried out (brown/nude colored) part of it. You’ll want to light the more green area of your braid.

Light the tip and then rotate the braid around so it catches a flame (may take a little bit). Once it’s lit, give it a soft blow and shake so you start to see the smoke flow around.

If you're looking to use it to cleanse the energy in your home, use the same techniques as you would with sage with the sweetgrass smoke.

You can also use it whenever you want as an incense or air freshener!  

Need some sweetgrass in your life? Grab some here!


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