Tiger Eye Properties & Meaning

April 02, 2018 1 Comment

Learn More About Tiger Eye and its Meaning

Introduction to Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye is probably one of the most widely known and easily recognized crystals out there. Its distinct stripes let you pinpoint its name right away, and its golden hues feel luxurious in your palm, or on your jewelry.

Tiger Eye is a fairly common stone, typically found smooth and tumbled, at one point most used as a cherished talisman to prevent ill wishing and curses to the owner. It has striking bands of gold and brown that circle a palm stone or pendant.

Tiger Eye is a birthstone for Leo and Capricorn.

Tiger Eye Meaning

Tiger Eye has many beneficial properties, from good luck and fortune to mood-lifting, to clarity. The intention you set to your stone will be magnified and put that energy into the world. 

This crystal can:

  • Assist in accomplishing goals
  • Recognizing your inner abilities
  • Promote clarity of intention
  • Differentiate between wishful thinking and what you really need
  • Balance your yin-yang
  • Act as a mood stabilizer. 

Now it doesn’t seem so random that everyone knows about this stone!

Tiger Eye Properties

Because of its powerful properties, it’s best to use Tiger Eye for concentrated periods of time, and allow it to rest in a sacred space when you’re not using it. Wear it on your right arm or as a pendant during an important meeting or test to manifest the desired results, or meditate with it on your navel chakra center for spiritual grounding.

Cleanse Tiger Eye (and most crystals) by holding it over smoking sage, placing it in water under the moonlight, or by resting it on or near selenite.

Tiger Eye Bracelet

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Alysia Hendry
Alysia Hendry

April 05, 2018

I love catching up on your blogs and the great reminders of what my stones mean! Tigers Eye is one of my favoeites, and now I remember why!

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