5 Holistic Tools for Writer's Block

June 15, 2017

5 Holistic Tools for Writer's Block

If you haven’t guessed it by now, I was inspired to write this blog because I had writer’s block myself. Sometimes finding the words or inspiration is even more challenging than actually writing. It seems like ideas always find me when I am in the middle of something without any means of jotting it down or somehow saving my inspiration; then when I go to sit down and write “poof!” it’s gone!

Because of my block, I decided to create a list of tools I can use when the words and ideas can’t seem to come out. Hopefully, you find them helpful as well.


Having beauty around you is always inspiring. Check out these crystals for your mental blocks:

Creativity - Amazonite, Carnelian

Increased Concentration - Amethyst

Clarity - Citrine, Tiger Eye

Essential Oil Blend

Most of the time, my writer’s block is because of a lack of focus and energy. I find that a blend of Peppermint & Ylang Ylang energizes and inspires me.

Write Without Purpose

I know this sounds a little odd but it is helpful! I swear! Write about anything; what you see in front of you, what you ate that day, write about your writer’s block… anything! Fill up a whole page. I find that it tricks my mind into thinking the block has been removed. I am reminding myself of what it feels like to write and have creativity flowing.


Sometimes putting other parts of your body to use is a creative way to let your mind relax for a moment. If running to the gym won’t fit into your agenda, take 15 mins, and do a quick Youtube video. I really like this one:

Read a Book

At times, the best way to find your words is to get lost in someone else's! You’ll be amazed about how quickly an idea will pop into your head the minute you focus on something else.

I am certainly going to practice these tools when I have a block! Hopefully, you find them helpful as well!

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