Best Crystals for the Living Room

September 25, 2018

Best Crystals for the Living Room

The living room is definitely the most popular spot in my place. Not only is it directly where the front door is, but it has a balcony that stems off of it, and the kitchen is right next to it as well. Lots of socializing goes down in this space. Hence lots of energy is brought into this space as well. 

With so many people flowing in and out, I instinctively knew it would be essential to try to balance out the energy brought in. Your home should be your safe and sacred place... even if you're having people over for late-night fun :) 

There are little things you can do to protect the vibes of your home. Here are a few crystal suggestions to balance, protect, and cleanse the energy in high traffic areas in your place!


Amethyst is known for its peaceful metaphysical properties as it symbolizes wisdom, deep love, and peace of mind. People like having it around high traffic areas to remind themselves to focus on maintaining a nice balance of emotional highs and lows and to assist them in calming down after a long day of work.  Shop our collection here!

Amethyst Cluster


Selenite is known to create a protective grid (aka aura) around your house, so placing a large piece in your living room or a couple of pieces scattered around your home will promote a peaceful atmosphere.

Selenite is also known for its cleansing properties. To cleanse your aura and space, you can use it as you would sage. Comb the crystal up and down your body or room while focusing on an intention and visualizing it sucking out all of the negative energy! Think of it as a quick and easy way to get rid of the bad vibes!  Get your own piece!

Selenite Bar

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is commonly known for its protection, positivity, happiness, grounding & luck energies!

It works to repel negative energy so you can find a better balance and chill out properly. Let this stone assist you with adding more zen into your crazy, hectic life! Check out our collection!



Quartz is a type of crystal that absorbs, stores, and also amplifies energy! This makes it a great stone to have around high traffic areas. It can take in stagnant, angry, weird vibes, so you don't have to. It can also enhance feelings of happiness and positivity. Let it do the work to balance the flow of energy coming in and out of your home.  

It is also known to increase spiritual growth and wisdom, so it's a great stone to have around during enlightening conversations and dinner parties.  Check out our collection!

Quartz Geode

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