Gifts under $15

November 30, 2017

Gift Ideas for Under $15

Want to give a lil something something to someone, but don't want to break your bank?

Check out our fabulous and meaningful gift guide that only includes items that are $15 or less! 

All of our Crystal Sets - $6.99 - 15

Zen Gemstone Set

Self-Love & Happiness Set

Chakra Stone Set

Our Sparkle Rock Pop Sprays - $12

Sage Spray

Hula Earrings - $14.99 (lots of colors available!)

Blue Hula earrings

Beautiful Writing Journals - $14

Pink, gold, and green journals

Beautiful Beaded Dreamcatcher - $12.50

Beaded dream catcher

A BIG Chunk of Rose Quartz - Prices Vary, but all raw stones are under $15!

raw rose quartz

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