How to Throw a Goddess Retreat - The Itinerary

May 14, 2018

How to Throw a Goddess Retreat Self Care Ideas Recipe and Menu Ideas for Big Groups Wellness Vacation

Devin here! After 3 years of hosting a Goddess Retreat Weekend for my friends, I think I may finally have the perfect formula down! And since that's the case... I'm going to share it with you so you can host your own! 

In this short blog series, I'm going to break down how to throw your own goddess retreat in 4 different posts - The Itinerary, Menu Ideas, Self Care Activities, and then Hilary will share her inspiration on how to make your own Facial Bar. 

When hosting a retreat it's helpful to have an overall theme. This year's was FUN + FULFILLED - inspired by Sparkle Rock Pop's motto of course! It was really important to me to have a balance between partying with our girlfriends and making time for ourselves. 

So balance, balance, balance is what I reminded myself about while laying everything out. Not everyone who attends my retreats are into crystals and meditation, so letting people know that they didn't have to participate in anything they didn't want to was something I definitely reiterated a couple of times. I also didn't want to be the party police, so being upfront about when certain activities were going to happen was helpful to everybody.  You'll notice in the itinerary that I didn't go overboard on trying to do too many self care-related things and that they are staggered pretty well (at least I thought so!).

Our retreat ran from a Friday afternoon to Sunday morning and everything listed below is pretty much exactly what we did!


The retreat's location is in Palm Desert so a few of us planned on making a little road trip out of it from Los Angeles. Here are some of my suggested stops! 

Palm Springs Road Trip Suggestions - Moorten Botanical Garden + Raw Remedy Juice Bar

  • Moorten Address - 1701 S Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92264 // $5 to get in
  • Raw Remedy Address - 116 La Plaza, Palm Springs, CA 92262 (6 mins away from Moorten)


Friday Afternoon/PM

  • Upon Arrival
    • Make an intention for the retreat (ideas to be shared in a later post)
    • Get Smudged // Smudge Someone

    • Dinner → kept it easy and ordered thai knowing we were going to be cooking all Saturday!
    • DIY Facial Bar - organized by Hilary (ideas to be shared in a later post)

      Saturday AM

      • Breakfast →  Acai Bowl Buffet
      • 10 Min Guided Meditation
      • Climb a mountain together --> Mike Schuler Trail Hike (aka Bump and Grind trail)

      Saturday Afternoon

      • Lunch → Salad Bar 
      • 30/45 mins of Self Care (ideas to be shared in a later post)

        Saturday PM

        • Family Style Dinner → with a special self care activity (to be shared in a later post)


        Sunday AM

        • Breakfast → Avocado Toast 
        • Morning Yoga + Swim


        Stay tuned for the next "How to Throw a Goddess Retreat" where I cover our meal planning in-depth! 

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